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Joshua Clay  Chicago, IL

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About Joshua

Joshua Clay was born on a cloudy February day in 1983. He is a fine artist in the purest sense of the word, seeking perfection in every aspect of his craft without the use of computers, stencils or projectors. The work that Clay creates some would label Illustrative, Lowbrow or even as Pop Surrealism, but to him, it’s his voice in its purest form, untainted by established expectations of what “Fine Art” should look like.

These days Clay spends his time tucked away in his Chicago studio drawing, painting, and perfecting his craft. With three successful solo exhibits and dozens of group exhibits under his belt, Clay has been busy making quite a name for himself. In addition to having his work featured in several books and magazines in recent years, Clay was also recently commissioned to create the album artwork for the highly anticipated new Gym Class Heroes album, “The Quilt”.

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"they're dehumanized, they're women and they're angry. Everything about the pic shows retribution and violence. The layered cubism heightens the drama. The artist makes his point."

"I'm really tired of this cartoonish style & the lack of imagination the newer "artists" are showing. The old still lifes & landscapes showed more thought & effort than this current fad."

"Rock on!"

"Brett Helquist does it better,and I'm going to have to agree with "not impressed". I admire the effort it takes to produce art, in the variety of styles artists employ to get the job done - but at the end of the day it's really the end result that matters. Clay is no Da Vinci, he can't really afford to gloat on his 'purist' efforts. His stuff is cute, I see work like this everywhere now though."

"Beautiful work, as I look at them I think,?¦.Cry ??Havoc!? and let slip the dogs of war,That this foul deed shall smell above the earthWith carrion men, groaning for burial.J.C.act 3"

"I find the desperate loss of a child's wonder to adult violence is uncomfortably captivating in both works."

"I think these pictures are fun; each detail from big to small require a bit of attention to really grasp the talent here."

"that was the most pretentious artist statement i've read in a while"

"Love your work, i love how the faces are soft but their bodies have strong, straight lines.Awesome"

"Very nice work, cartoony yet real at the same time"

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