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Mario Dilitz  Axams, Austria

'Hold on'
'Big fish'

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About Mario

The ability to give expression to the human form, to transmit and translate its language is an ability, which the sculptor Mario Dilitz definitely has. He combines traditional sculptural knowledge and technical skills with contemporary issues and thereby manages to create sculptures of great intensity and appeal.

His work does polarize. There is a contrast between the aesthetic beauty of his sculptures and the content of the issues, where a profound confrontation with the vagaries of human existence takes place. On the one hand Mario Dilitz manifests the contradictions occurring in human nature, on the other hand he knows to unite them in his work.

Even his choice of material reveals these contradictions. His sculptures, most of them life-sized, are created out of high quality laminated wood. After a process of destruction and then construction the wood has reached a new form of stability, which wouldn’t have been possible in its natural condition. This process is made visible by the joints of glue in the laminated wood. Mario Dilitz chooses red glue thereby signing his creations unmistakably.

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"The sculpture looks Grecian style. It is refreshing to observe African American features in a Grecian form."



"Outstanding! Many of the faces have a similar look, as though they are from one family. Was the feature face Jolene Blalock? The red glue adds "life" to the pieces giving the impression of blood vessels. Very interesting.... Beautiful sculptures & carvings. Your portfolio ist fantastisch! TYJ"

"thats so cool"

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