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Bennett Slater  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Terrified Beyond The Capacity For Rational Thought'
Oil on wood
'Old Chum'
Oil on wood

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About Bennett

Bennett Slater is an illustrator and designer who spends most of his days glued to old science fiction fantasy films and Saturday morning cartoons. This fascination with the imaginatively absurd has formed a surprisingly stable connection with the way his mind imagines the constraints of the physical form, or lack thereof.Utilizing traditional oil media on natural wooden surfaces, Bennett is heavily inspired by the sharp dualities observed in his world’s natural and cultural ecosystems. He is constantly searching to uncover the balances between the structured form we perceive logically, and the nostalgic flirtations we conjure internally.His work is partly influenced by the precise forms and soft palettes of the Baroque masters, and the bold geometric intensity of the Russian Avant-Garde and Futurism movements. This dichotomy of contrasting artistic disciplines and influences lends itself to the underlying dualities observed in his work.

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"Unbelieve work Ben, just breath taking."


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