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Angelou Guingon  Newport News, VA

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About Angelou

Through stylized use of perspective, color, form, pattern, repetition, light and shadow, icons from personal experiences and fragments of imagination emerge in a pseudo-realistic environment. I am interested in intuitively arranging pictorial/mental images of people, animals, transportation, and other everyday objects. These paintings are about formulating, scribbling and preserving stories where anything we can visualize is able to be included in an open-ended script that welcomes the unexpected.

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"Love the play of lights and shadows on your subjects. I noticed a kind of dinosaur in front of the house. It's amusing for the scene is so surreal..with those cows, dinosaurs, public phone booth and houses."

"Love it ...I love it!!"

"I like these very much. They instantly remind me of playing with figures as a child. Objects are arranged to create random stories. Meanings pop out spontaneously. These are playful, and at the same time the use of colour gives some of them an ominous tone. I really like that they are not weighted down with formal meaning, just like child's play. The imagination is free to roam."

"i find this work very evocative, even at first glance."

"republicans justifying supporting and protecting the war."

"To me the elephants one seems like on take on the society of today and how in our technology age we are destroying the natural cycles of life. It is really interesting that the artist had the elephants continue to stay in their natural formation cycle, while the humans in this piece look like they became distracted and curisty propells them to run towards the center of destruction. Very avante garde..."

"I am an avid fan of the arts but having trouble trying to understand what the artist is trying to convey with this particular work. Elephants and airplanes?"

"Your art somehow portrays the world as it is at the moment; showing the 'center' of the world we live in nowadays.A very interesting piece!"


"I dont think you all see the bigger picture. look beyond the outside. then you will see to true meaning."

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