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Timeanddesire  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Shedding light'
'Small sign series'

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About Timeanddesire

The Timeanddesire pseudonym was created originally for outdoor work done independently and collaboratively by Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker. Their current work examines the concept of public and private spaces, as well as the role perception plays in constructing realities. Currently Based in Toronto, Canada, their practice is a result of contemplating the human condition, particularly by focusing on how our environment and communication shapes and impacts our lived experience. The collection of works has grown from social psychology, public life observations, humor, cultural iconography and self-in-society examination.

Denise St Marie has practiced public interventive work for over a decade in places such as Victoria BC, Japan, China, Chicago, Las Vegas, across the Canadian Prairies, Windsor and Toronto. She graduated from the University of Victoria where she studied conceptual Art attaining a BFA Honors minoring in Psychology. Her iconographic, text-based style is explored in rural and urban street interventions and gallery innerventions.

Timothy B. Walker views conceptual art as experience, play, and insight into the human condition. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto where he specialized in Philosophy. His practice is a means of exploring emerging philosophical notions and issues within our contemporary society. Walker began contributing concepts and commentary to Timeanddesire in 2011.

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'Neon Glow'

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"Engagingly liberating. Their art actualizes the workings of the smart aleck mind."

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