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Linzi Lynn  Los Angeles, CA

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About Linzi

Artist Linzi Lynn is renowned for recreating from her original acrylic paintings of people and animals. A native of London, Linzi came to the United States in 1992, after living in the South of France for many years. She now calls Los Angeles, California home.

Linzi’s innovative techniques and use of an array of radiant colors brings a fresh perspective to modern art. She has many artistic influences, including Picasso, Caravaggio and Dali and has been able to deftly integrate some of her inspirations into her work, while also adding her own distinct touch.

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"Great Modern Art!"

"I love the high-key color and the application of it to the drawings (on the most part). Some of the images seem to be executed a bit haphazardly, such as, the cats where the colors, though they follow the grain of the fur, are presented in a random illogical manner; as if to keep up the appearances established more successfully in, say, the windswept profile and the alligator portrait.Linzi, please, buy a camera and tripod to produce images that do your wonderful artwork justice. Enlargements of the pieces on your site look as if they were taken with a smart phone."

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