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Tess Felix  Stinson Beach, CA

Found plastic debris
Found plastic debris

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About Tess

Tess Felix is a fine artist based in Stinson Beach, CA. All her art is created with beach plastics and debris collected along the coast by her home.

Tess explains the work by saying, “My creative background is rooted in the theatre. I have been a hairdresser and makeup artist for the performing arts for the past twenty-two years. I approach my art through the eyes of a makeup artist choosing my pallet according to basic principles with attention to color, light and shadow. I live in Stinson Beach, California where I comb the beach looking for plastic debris to use in my assemblages. My current collection shows juxtaposition between the subject matter and the plastic materials used to create the portraits. I am deeply affected by the volumes of waste in our environment and I admire the activists, innovators and people who make their voices heard. The people in this series of portraits are the messengers and the voices resounding the urgency of the perilous state of the marine life and the oceans. My aim is to portray beauty and humor and to spark curiosity, conversation and awareness.”

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"Tess is a magician; crafting consciousness from debris truly dust from dust and yet presence and posture and subtle human qualities populate her pieces giving them a reality of their own one that we can share and one that is instantly recognizable and familiar to us as humans she is wonderful and her work is both exquisitely created And entertaining for more than just a moment each glance each look reveal something new and something that will fascinate and endure. Her love for the earth inspired her assemblage of these pieces but the artistic magma inside her, her creative and masterful eye, are vaster than the oceans which are presently serving her art"

"Truly amazing art and a wake-up call. Plastic is going to destroy us unless humanity finds a solution that will degrade it back into a useable oil or product. People need to be fined or rewarded to stop littering plastic everywhere."

"So many "critics" berate and minimize this type of collage, but, it just makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster wrapped in a warm blanket. Lots of satisfaction and wow here!"

"Your work is your voice and you can be heard as one of those activists fighting for our environment. Thank you!"

"Nice work! First portraits I've seen. Maybe do some of big plastic execs."

"Tess's work is brilliant on many levels! A true Artist!"

"Tess is a true artist, through and through. Her talent is a deep reflection of her heart and soul..."

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