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Kal Mansur  Toronto, ON, Canada

Acrylic sculpture
Acrylic sculpture

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About Kal

Kal Mansur is a visual artist specializing in acrylic/plexiglas sculpture. His work is in various collections, including the Rockefeller Foundation, Alliance Capital, Senvest Corporation, and KPMG.

His work is borne out of a love of architecture and kinship with Minimalism. He deconstructs the functionality of light and space, encapsulating them in familiar yet unrecognizable objects. Contrary to standard architectural practices that divide space in order to create habitable voids, his sculptures fill voids with tactility. They heighten one’s sense of colour and space, appearing to be grown, not made.

The quality and tolerances of his sculptures are the result of an artistic process that aspires to a kind of perfection only possible through work that is handmade. He uses readily available sheet goods, standard construction tools, and high-quality adhesives that coalesce into ambiguous objects that, paradoxically, appear to be machine-made. It is this disjuncture that most interests him, and drives him to create objects that question the reverence given to perfectly manufactured consumer objects populating everyday life.

Quick facts about Kal

His work is in various collections, including the Centre for Health Sciences at George Brown College (Toronto), the REAL Institute at Ryerson University (Toronto), Tiffany and Co (Moscow), Related Companies (New York), Senvest Corporation (Montreal), Sloan-Kettering Center (New York), Alliance Capital (New York), and KPMG (Toronto).

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