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Sebastien Layral  Chatel-Guyon, France

'697 DESIRE - Soline'
Oil on linen
'695 DESIRE - Layral'
Oil on linen

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About Sebastien

Sébastien Layral was born in Rodez, France in 1972 and pursued his education at the Fine Art School in Toulouse.

Sebastien explains the work by saying, “Painting is not the ultimate aim, it is a quiet moment in which you meet each other. Each exhibition is a journey where we work to change the nature of this encounter. These moments are slipping in color, under and on the epidermis, harmonizing everything… and for a moment make the ephemeral permanent and restore impermanence to what is no more. Possibility upsets endlessly what should be. To give the opportunity to access different points of view through the encounter, this process allows to put into perspective the place of each person, and understand the need for plurality of views.”

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"great portrait"

"The girl looks like me, and her face looks defeated. It's a beautiful mix and the emotions can easily be felt through the painting."

"Thx u, u r also invited to join on my facebook : to artistaday team for selected my search...)"

"its kinda weird but its cool too"

"good painting"

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