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Marion Tivital  Paris, France

'Dans la Foret'
Oil on canvas
'Gravite anormale'

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About Marion

Marion Tivital paints desolate, minimal scenes, as a dark sky hovers over each painting. Tivital’s work shows few signs of human life, save for architectural structures—multi-colored storage squares, cement-like walls, a water slide—set against vast landscapes such as an open road or a body of water. She is based in Paris, France.

Marion describes her work by saying, “I appreciate the poetry of the commonplace, the motionless and the invisible. I am interested in what stands humbly in the shadows, what we do not notice. The topics that inspire me are evident in the world where you live, but you don’t notice them anymore. I love taking the time to contemplate and discover their hidden beauty.”

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"great fabulous and model of human being"

"stark, as in winterfell stark, as in the wall. as in they are coming for us all."

"It reminds me of Stanley Kubrick."

"Love it"

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