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Francis Reynolds  Huntingdon, UK

'Michael with a Brushmark'
Oil on Canvas on Panel

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About Francis

Francis Reynolds was a student at Loughborough university and is now an Artist in Residence at Sawtry Village College. He is currently focussing on alternative methodologies for his figurative paintings. Visitors often react to the sometimes brutal portrayal of the human form.

Francis describes the work by saying, “One of the main questions posed in the recent work is how passive aggressive obscuring, through the act of painting, can explore, question and reinvigorate traditional methodologies of the subject matter. The works consolidate ideas of deconstruction; an act of taking apart and rebuilding. This is through the interpretation of Jacques Derrida’s theory of deconstruction; the concept of allowing things to develop and change during the deconstructive process. The work seeks to emphasize the process of representation by exaggerating the application, brutality and meticulous methodology through thin layers of paint and blocks of colour.”

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"Raw and shaking a viewer by the cheekbones not to merely look passively and blink but to see from the whole back of their eyes where you feel the brains touch. I love Francis's work."

"very interesting!"

"i really enjoy the work, suburb craftsmanship"

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