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Eleanor Lindsay Fynn  London, UK

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About Eleanor Lindsay

Yellow faces, is my break through project, armed with the techniques developed in “Colour Me In” I have sought to represent the point where people stop looking like people and become something else. By exploring this vision I am placing the myth of reality in front of you.

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"Pretty pictures :) :P"

"Detail of picture "From the Edge" from "Yellow Faces" series: for your comments."

"I like the faces; partiallly because you have no words to accompany it. I don't even like when an artist gives a piece a name that seemingly has meaning. Give it any ole name if you must and I as the viewer will personalize it. Art should tell us something in the piece itself.The second piece seems so meaningless because of reasons you wrote behind it. The art itself should show meaning in it. This photo shows nothing to me. I also like to see art and give it my own interpretation. Use words to write a book if you would like, but not to tell us what the art means. Sounds like you have a lot to say about women becoming women, so write or speak."

"jimberg63: Even though I agree with you, the art is the thing under consideration here. Isn't it? That statement/journal entry does get in the way of letting a viewer figure things for his or her self. Insulting? Close, but OK, if that is how one wants to add to the understanding of the piece. They sort of lack depth, in my opinion, but perhaps that is part of her intent."

"I really enjoy the first image. It has a nice 3D characteristic to that the rotoscoping? But I too wish I could see the details.I also think the second image is of the artist hah...I like your ideas behind your art, as well. Keep up the good work :)"

"The photo's messages were interesting and got through to me like they were written in words. I don't get what you ment by "I wanted to teach them that nothing mattered that people did think like them and they would find them." How did people thought like girls? Who would find who?"

"Thought provoking, the second one I like a little less. While appreciating the starkness, it needs a conflict, contrast perhaps? Like the offset apple that balances a still life."

"Ok. First of all, change "life partner" to husband. Then, look at a picture of a Sudanese woman carrying buckets of water 4 miles just so her family won't die. Then, after reality has set it, realize the people with all these dramas you write about are really just bored. It's usually a result of life without God. Not always. But generally."

""Yellow Faces" is fantastic... I wish the image was larger, so I could see more detail.Love what you have to say, too, Ms. Fynn."

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