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Davey Wong  San Francisco, CA

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About Davey

I try to give the viewer a visual that draws you in deep so that you get lost in the painting. I love when an art piece can do that to you and hopefully I connect with my audience in that way.

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"Sorry, I put two websites linked to my name in the last post. I've taken one off on this one. Couldn't figure out bow to delete the last one."

"These are great, I also see animals chasing down their dinner... like the grizzly bears getting their salmon, the moose "pruning" our young apple tree which didn't have brains enough to run away (the tree, that is). Great imagery in both art pieces and I think I like the alien gorilla head the best, it invokes some interesting thoughts."

"I really like the muted colours of the 'monkey in space' piece. Going to go have a look at Davey Wong's website now."

"bunny is cute but the monkey scares me :) lol nice work thou inspiring... :)"

"I love how u draw your bunnies, they look so fuzzy!"

"I like the use of shading and bright colors...I especially like the obscurity"

"Imagination and humor on LSD and with a smattering of technique. Interesting. Not my cupa Joe, but interesting.-P"

"looks kinda strange"

"...fabulous, fantastic and FUN!!! You do indeed have loads of talent. Keep it going please!!!"

"i like it. it's unique and childish with hunor painted in each stroke as i can clearly see. The Chimp caught me off guard a little, but it left a smile marked above my chin. Keep up the work, maybe you could put a little more color into your art, but besides that i like it."

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