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David Lyle  New York, NY

'Art Appreciation'
Oil on panel
'Stepson of Dracula'
Oil on panel

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About David

Working from found vintage and vernacular photographs, Lyle seamlessly colleges and composes works that harken back to 1950’s and 1960’s America – not as they were, but skewed and reimagined by the artist. Lyle’s painstakingly reductive painting process is a very crucial element to the evolution of his final images. Each piece is rendered using only black paint and turpentine. Lyle begins his process by priming a panel with white gesso. He then paints a thin, rich, oily black veneer over the primed panel, slowly and systematically developing his images by removing some of the black paint with a cloth. In doing so, Lyle renders layer upon layer of various values of black paint resulting in his signature style of luminescent works.

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