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Henry Lewis  San Francisco, CA

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About Henry

Henry Lewis is an American painter and tattooist. Born in the southern California town of Pasadena, the 4th of 14 children, the early foundations of his artistic practice were formulated there. Informed primarily by the tragic loss of his brother as a child, the very specific cultural climate around him, and later the loss of his father, he started creating at a young age, and then with intention in his teens ultimately evolving into tattooing and painting for the last 10 years.

Much of his work, conceptually, is born out of the ashes of loss, memory, and time. While technically challenging and pushing the relationship between paint and ink, his interest in the human condition and all its complexities continues to pervade his work. Death, birth, love, uncertainty, and truth are constant thematic elements of the work. Often rearing their heads through sinister imagery, livid characters, and his pension for a limited palate.

The connection between his environment and mediums, during a period of time when many artists choose ready-made, redundant, and easily digestible media, is most evident in the motifs of light and detail used throughout his work. Drawing heavily from the baroque period, his style uses exaggerated motion, clear detail, and dark shadows as counter point to shafts of light.

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"The monsters of our world come to life every day. Why not record who they are?"

"this picture looks lyke my mom and thats not good but you did a great job on it congrats:)"

"you are very good and your art is expresive and imaginative very cool"

"this is amazing"

"Enchanting, frightening, beauty takes all forms. I'd love to see his tatts, there is good reason people refer to tattooists as "artists". This should prove it to everyone, skin art enthusiasts or not."

"wow this is amazing.i never thought anyone could draw like this its REALLY good"

"Soooooooooooo unique. So different. I was getting disappointed lately, but a couple of days ago it started changing to what really means ART to me. Thank you for your wonderful skills."

"I love this pic."

"Very cool and thought provoking. The top one initially is just really striking to me. The second has some very cool first impressions, and I'd like to spend more time thinking about it. Thanks, I definitely appreciate this, and hope that some healing and Truth is with you."

"...awesome strokes ~ never ever let surreal die...Onward"

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