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Lucy McLauchlan  Birmingham, UK

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About Lucy

Armed with a marker pen, Lucy McLauchlan is a dangerous woman. She has been known to draw on just about anything from paper, to skateboard decks, abandon cars to airplane gliders. Her spontaneous drawings explore the world around her, friends, work and life. Her array of characters emerge from her imagination and flow as freely as her pen will take her.

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"I love how the swirls make faces. this picture has a really depressing feel to it but at the same time it is really cool. love it."

"..nice handywork!"

"I love the idea of not planning it out ridgidly instead letting it flow and then wroking on what ever her midn throws up."

"omg its soo crazy with all the pictures i love the ink work that is done in them amazing"

"please come decorate my house."

"What spectacular work! It is so differently executed, yet it echos past experience. You will continue to evolve with your work, work time = peace."

"It is so funny to me how those who appreciate the art presented here, can do so in a few simple statements, while the people who, for whatever reason, dislike it, seem compelled to write a long defensive viewpoint on the subject. Just an observation... Anyways I enjoy your art, unifying and disparate, very cosmic consciousness."

"just a comment on the artists is brilliant and not at all overpowering. this might be just my opinion, but i beg to differ from prosemo's viewpoint. Art/ Mural Art is about self-expression, about not having boundaries and set rules... then 'expecting' it to be a particular way (prosemo does not want it to be design oriented) itself is obtrusive and tantamount to creating a boundary, isnt it?"

"Hi Lucy, I like what I call MAZE art, where one thing leads you to another. Thank You."

"I love this style! It makes me feel like Im moving with the picture."

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