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Nicolas Martin  Montreal, QC, Canada

Oil on linen
Oil on linen

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About Nicolas

Nicolas Martin is a French figurative painter born in 1980. After completing the influential Auguste Renoir School in Paris, Nicolas decided to deepen his artistic knowledge by completing the graphic design program at the University Laval in Quebec, Canada. In 2003, he won the 1st Prize of “La Fondation de la Vocation” in Paris. Throughout his career, Nicolas worked as lead designer for the famous Galeries Lafayette, and art director for various companies and newspapers. Today, he defines himself as an emergent figurative painter.

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"very good"

"This is how I described my home when I was a teenager. My home felt like there was a" black cloud" hanging over it,"

"very nice atmosphere"

"Gorgeous. The color palette and subject matter speak to me. The detail is spectacular. I love this."

"very creative"

"lonely and wintery chill. like the jersey shore after the storm"

"absolutely love it."

"vare sad but cool"

"Merci à ce magnifique artiste !"

"Great Sky, Great Style!"

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