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Craig Hawkins  Athens, GA

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I don’t know what it is about mark making but I get great satisfaction from it. I think it has something to do with discovering how everything develops some kind of relationship with light. Within my process I don’t seek to produce an idea or subject as a camera would but would rather pick and choose distinctive areas of focus. There’s something exciting about finding that area of a figure or subject that’s irresistible to draw and then struggling to develop other areas to coexist and compliment that area.

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'Under Water'


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"MY SLIGHT INTERPRETATIONpic a; mirage of demystifying the strength of a great authority"

"This is a really cool photo i like the one with the cords comming out of his head.very abstract."

"Really captivating!!"

"Well I took y'all's advice and went to Craig's website. Amazing, simply amazing. So many different styles. His reasons behind his work make it even more enjoyable. I think I've found my favorite (again). :) All and all, truthfully, I think that Craig has really captured something that touches me in a different artistic sense than other artists. Very impressive. I look forward to seeing more of his work."

"really love the painting of the man in the pool- just tried to check out the rest of his work but the website gave me a headache! im sure the other works are great but i didnt have enough patience..."

"I agree. The website is better than seeing just two works. The boy in the water is lovey. Excellent eye for water's light qualities. Very cool. I love the narrative quality of the art. Would be fun to talk with my high schoolers (I am an English teacher) about the stories there. I love the mind's eye quality, like the artist had a concept or perception to offer. --the world in visual. I see art in my head, but don't have the talent to offer it visually to others. What a gift to be able to do what this artist does. Defy language with images."

"Love these two- on my way to the artist website now. You other commenters have my interest piqued!"

"yeah, the ones on the website are better. there are some original ideas in his work and the technique is very good."

"The art is interesting you don't quite understand it but it sucks you in and then you make your own decesion. Definitely cool."

"Goodness, that underwater scene is brilliant, and just had a look at Craig's website and just love everything!! The man can paint, thinks about the potential effects of his art and enjoys himself and brings others pleasure, all very engaging. My first 5 stars. Just yummy!"

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