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Ana Perez Ventura  Paris, France

'Etude n 101'
Acrylic on canvas
'Etude n 172'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Ana Perez

Ana Pérez Ventura is a contemporary visual artist based in Paris, France. She studied Fine Arts at the Universities of Vigo and Barcelona and Music at the Conservatories of Vigo and Amsterdam. Ana Pérez Ventura moved to Paris in 2009 where she completed a master’s degree (Paris IV-Sorbonne University) specializing in the relationship between music and visual art. She has been awarded the Segundo Gil Davila’s and Pedro Barrié de la Maza scholarships and the Artension Prize.

In her work she investigates the relationship between time and space according to strategies of repetition. Inspired by her career in music as a pianist, Pérez Ventura showcases the experience of the music practice room, where repetition is part of the everyday routine of a musician.

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"I'm dizzy. No, really I like this piece very much. I could see it hanging in my house."

"Is he the guy that created magic eye?"

"Love the complexity."

"cool abstract"

"Not a fan of this one. Maybe if I found out more about her concept I would like it more, but on a purely aesthetic basis it is not something I would look into further."

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