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Vira Yakymchuck  Ternopil, Ukraine

'Sisters of pearl'
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Vira

Vira Yakymchuk is primarily self-taught. Her paintings has been strongly influenced by apprenticeships with both Fatih Gurbuz who’s creative production revolves around classical figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner.

Vira explains her work by saying, “My objective is to create my own world! World where nature awakens our souls to the harmony and the vast inner freedom , it’s try to allows us to give up time and space. We live in a hard time – a period of materialism, capitalism, momentary pleasures and extreme individualism. It is an era on which the outrageous becomes ” the new normal” and our capacity to get shocked by tragic events becomes muted. Crisis prevails, new problems arise and a careless policy syncs into a society inured to the ruthless, immoral behaviour we experience or read about on a daily basis. A global epidemic has taken hold of our society: the indifference to suffering and needs of others. I reflect reality like a dream, which is also a reflection of real life. Sensations, images, ideas, concepts, thoughts, emotions and feelings reflect objective reality experiences. They express a subjective attitude of man to objects and phenomena of reality. I want to stop time for people – to let them bask in the eternity of the present moment, and to celebrate it. As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the human face and body it’s expressions, but maybe even more important: I’m fascinated by what’s behind the people.”

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"love how you are drawn to her when you look at the painting. Sadness emptyness"

"Very nice Thanks for sharing..."

"Beautiful. The artist is obviously talented."

"LOVE IT!!!!"


"Wow, there's so much to love about these pieces - topic, color, feeling, relax ... Brilliant."


"Wow. She have a lovely style. I love it. Absolutely beautiful. She has amazing talent. Went on her website"

"I love her paintings, it is so beautiful!"

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