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Mira Nedyalkova  Sofia, Bulgaria

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About Mira

Mira Nedyalkova is a photographer from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mira explains the work by saying, “I have always loved photography as art, but i started with drawing and I was also was a model. Later in 2007 I discovered photography as a means to express myself and completely replaced painting. My photographs are not exactly a photographs,my creations are somewhere in between paintings and photography. In my images I use pain as a beauty, erotic as a psychological way of life. I express myself and my intimate inner life. In my photographs you would find beauty and strong will for life, sorrow and pain, love and eroticism as constant part of our life… I would love to connect all that feelings. For me that is the only way to know the sweetness to be alive, to know the happiness and become part of the beauty of life.”

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