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Michal Chelbin  Brooklyn, NY

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About Michal

The images in this series are an attempt to capture human stories in everyday life, those that exist in the space between the odd and the ordinary. My images are almost always of people and they usually take the form of portraits. Most of the people I photograph have something in common; they are not the mainstream, and many of them are small town performers (For example, they could be dwarfs in a theatre play, ball room dancers or young contortionists). I try to photograph my subjects dislocated from their performing environment and set in casual settings, off stage: at home, on the street or in a park. Some of them with their costumes and others wear everyday cloths. I try to create a seemingly private moment, one where they are not performing or on stage. The main themes in my work are not social or topical, but private and mythical; I search for people who have a legendary quality in them; a mix between odd and ordinary.

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9 reactions displayed

"Must be me - but I find both of these images sinister and uncomfortable"

"Israeli burn photographers the best)))) I learn photography in israel))))"

"terrific professional stuff. There is no "did it first."That is a false value from modernism. "There is nothing new under the sun," is more the truth. So it is "moot" who does it first. Especially outside contemporary art. Its still false outside contemporary art. Modern art historians wrote "evolutionism" into art history and it is inappropriate. This work here exists and is highly professional and entertaining."

"The first looks more like Robert Frank than Sally Mann. Both two of my faves."

"I love the emotion expressed in the first character. She looks sad but the expression overal is perfect."

"this is good"

"these are fantastic picture!my aunt and i try so hard evey day to get our pictures like this.and to see how well and great they look its just so grand that some one is well and this poghtogerph"

"I love the emotion the photos give off to you.It makes you whant to just keep starring at them and, because you can relate to the energy they give off. I think this photograher Michal Chelbin is great at what she dose."

"EVERYONE does the Sally Mann thing these days. :( She did it first and did it best! This is beautiful though."

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