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Patrick Gonzales  Dijon, France

'Untitled #56'
Photography, digital painting
'Untitled #18'
Photography, digital painting

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About Patrick

Patrick Gonzales began quite early in life as a painter. At the age of fifteen he honed the art of concentrated research. Simply, he replicated works of great masters for the sheer hell of it. You see, it never hurts your artistic development to uncover what exactly others have done – on the contrary you learn a lot that pays off later; and Gonzales must have known that instinctively. In parallel he developed his own art. Since then, Patrick has constantly evolved and not least in photography. In 1998 he began to work more digitally, and today he is most comfortable referring to his art as a mixture of photography and digital painting. Whether it is the lush spectrum of dark grays in his black and white works or the balanced compositions in full color, the syncretic mix of media and references that point forwards and back in time is highly memorable.

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