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Braden Labonte  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Braden

Braden has a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD in Toronto. He has been showing in galleries since 2005 and has three solo shows to his credit. He has recently been making a name for himself through his unique portraits which can be seen on his site.

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8 reactions displayed

"A portal of portraits! How inventive! Good work."

"I love the way the artist had done these peices. It's so original and it makes the picture look fabuli. I love it."

"The black and white only adds beatiful simplicity to a not so simple display"

"I though your work with color on your website was much more satisfying than the installation"

"the drips- an ancient symbol of painting.the display - modernNICE"

"i love the style of this peice. its like the people are melting away. very creative."

"Intriguing and though provoking...bravo!"

"Braden the layout and moods of this work are captivating to me.Very interesting."

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