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Diederick Kraaijeveld  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Diederick

Diederick Kraaijeveld, a self taught artist, calls his pieces “photo realistic sculptures with originally colored salvaged wood”. He does not use paint at all, only uses the colors as they are. Kraaijeveld started doing classic cars but is into portraits and daily items (All Stars, Coca Cola bottle) as well. The wood is found by the artist himself in dumpsters, old mansions/farms and along shores all over the world. In his pieces one can find parts of centuries old flooring from Amsterdam canal mansions, an old Italian door or a fragment from a Kenyan fishing boat. It is Kraaijeveld’s goal to create desirable objects out of materials that people have thrown away thoughtlessly. Kraaijeveld uses the name Oudhout, which means Old Wood in Dutch. His work has been shown in galleries in Amsterdam, Holland, the US (Carmel CA, Denver CO and New York NY), Switserland (Basel), the UK (London) and UAE (Dubai)

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"Truly an incredible artist! I love his obama portrait!"

"Died, great pictures of truly remarkable art. I've one on my wall myself, and it still amazes me every time when I look at my Porsche 911 in old wood. It's almost more lively than the real thing! Keep up the good work, Hans"

"holy shit.this is the coolest idea evahh"

"Died, I love your art. You deserve 5 stars!! keep on creating"

"Died, I've seen your art in real life. it is amazing and deserves at at least 5 stars!!Keep on creating!!"

"Thisd is one of the true gems that the global art world offers us every now and then. with his Dutch roots he is back to the world of Rembrandt and Vermeer, where public demand was paired with true skills and talent. Unlike a lot of his contemparory peers...And ; from an investor pount of view: better than equities."

"Mind boggling!"

"Died gets all the stars available5 or 6. he will be theartistayear2009.Lots of love and carry on from turf from holland"

"great innovative artist! That's a nice way to "recycle"BIBI"

"Dude, excellent! Really like the American subject matter and the scavenging for materials. Awesome!"

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