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Anthony Koutras  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Anthony

Anthony Koutras was born in Ottawa, Ontario and currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery, he is a graduate from The Ontario College of Art & Design, with a major in Photography, and the recipient of numerous awards while studying at OCAD. He is currently pursuing his MFA degree at York University and is an active member in the Toronto artistic community.

His work focuses on imploding the distinctions between ‘real” and ‘unreal”. Photography is uniquely positioned to question these distinctions, as it presents itself as a documentary method, or medium. In positioning itself as portraying the ‘real” or true, photography uniquely places itself as a pertinent way to address the interstices of the simulation and the simulated. His photo-based installations explore photography and it’s capacity to represent space and mimic objects. His work predominantly manipulates the medium through installation. Utilizing photography to mimic these objects, he creates false space through the photographic medium.

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"I do not see a message in this work. Photography is more about light than any thing else and I do not see any interesting light in these shots. The subject is very boring. There are too many people doing work that does not require any real skill and slapping some obscure meaning on it and calling it art. Sorry, but I do not believe you should be able to just slap anything together and call it art."

"I don't get it."

"This is beyond my ability for appreciation"

"Its interesting and in my view of the photos above it seems he trying communicate to the viewers how society has "gone down the drain" or the life can go down in depths. You really have to look at the meaning of it. I like it and its simple."

"These are really....grate."

"This... is... the... most... amazing... thing... I... have... ever... seen.... Ever. Sir! Here is a check with my name already signed. You just write whatever amount you want for these!(Sorry, just kidding. I think these are really boring, actually. And could be done by anyone.)"

"To me this work says nothing other than look at all the nothing."


"Anthony Koutras on the plus side uses photographs and does not make paintings. He documents the urban life. Somehow though his works seems to mature a bit, but it is stylistically similar.On the website I liked Words and Photographic Sculptures."

"just looked through your site..your work is great!"

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