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Chris Stain  New York, NY

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In the summer of 1984 the art of graffiti writing spread throughout my neighborhood like an epidemic. It captured the imagination of many pre-adolescent youth looking for ways to express themselves outside the norms of school and mundane playground sports. I was one of those kids who became infected by graffiti’s bold colors,striking form, and independent nature. As time went by I investigated other avenues of art as well, such as print making and graphic design. In high school I learned screen printing which would later help me in the separation of line and color that aids in the process of cutting stencils. My work is a direct reflection of the people, neighborhoods, and struggles, that are swept along with the every day lives of the common american. It is my hope that through the work I will be able to convey the importance of the role of the less recognized individual of society.

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"Hmmm. I like it. Fuck a bunch of "ambulance chaser" comments. Documenting is not the same as "capitalizing on" or exploiting, which is what you are insinuating. And, as graffiti/spray paint art, of course the comparisons to Banksy, arguably the most visible purveyor of the medium, are inevitable. But its as silly as saying that everyone painting in oil with heavy impasto "looks like Van Gogh".It's stencils and spray paint. Of course there are similarities. But whereas Banksy specializes in these iconic images like rats, and in putting images into odd spaces, these (at least the ones represented above) are nice, stand alone examples of the muralist art. Again, the only similarity to Banksy I see is in the medium."

"not really Banksy at all... and you people really need to do your research... I've never heard of Bank-S-K-Y or Bank-S-E-Y."

"i love it it is beautiful, so crisp, i could never do that with spray paint. Almost looks like wheat paste."

"yeah, i like the ambulance chaser comment. it's like what if everything changed into an ideal world. what would adbusters and artists like this do without any "cause" to capitalize on.It does remind me of banksey too. Who in my opinion is an absolute ass."

"I do love it, because I am a huge Banksky fan. Looks like a copycat"

"Beautiful work. I think 'less recognized' is pretty self-explanatory. Using your talents to bring importance to things you feel lack that recognition is very noble, keep it up!"

"What does less recognized mean? Are we all supposed to bhe recognized and if so, why?"

"Great stuff! A lot of depth of field... very impressive..."

"cool. so your an ambulance chaser of sorts."

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