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David Trautrimas  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About David

At first glance David Trautrimas’ images may manifest as characteristic industrial landscapes, but their concept is the execution of a meticulous process of reverse engineering. Deliberately chosen consumer items are fastidiously dismantled, photographed and cataloged to create an architectural library from which a factory and its is surroundings are virtually “built” . A power drill literally becomes a Power Drill factory, a stapler becomes a Stapler Factory, with each object used to construct its own source of origin.

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"Would love to live in one."

"Sweet! I would have to say that its very nice."

"People -- see past the literal! These are happy, exciting, inventive views of a new built environment. Is all you really can see just a dirty pan? For gosh sakes!!! OPEN YOUR eyes and see the wonderful new creations! (From a former architect who just loves these forms!)"

"In my view he is telling us that if we do not stop our ways than society is going to became dirtier and sadder than ever before."

"I love the surreal reality created within these photos. The landscapes are so desolate (perhaps even more so in the "living spaces" photos shown on his website). They make me hungry to know more: not sure if that is good or bad :) I do know that it seems a fine thing to me - to leave the viewer with a desire unanswered, but maybe not so to some. ... I like them very much."

"I agree about the background, if this were deep in the forest, i think it would be kinda cool"

"illustrations of architecture reminiscent of 20th century futurism."

"i love the was it echos the way we construct our own destruction."

"hopeful for what? they are neat, and i can see sad but hopefull. hopefull that we will always be in love with our own reflections? what?"

"everything is something else recycled. art is the finest way to participate. nice works, thanks for sharing"

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