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Heather Horton  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Heather

“Carly, Resting” is oil on canvas, 24″x24″ is a painting that treats the negative space with as much compositional consideration as the figure. I do love painting people in repose, yet with something else affecting them. Rarely do I paint people strictly sleeping. There is always an undercurrent, a thrum of some other influence going on in their lives. I do not know what Carly was thinking while I shot the reference of her. It is unimportant. It is known only to her, yet it is important in it’s own right.

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"What I see is a commentary on how spent women can be. The woman on the bed looks like she is trying to muster up the energy just to get up and start the day. Nicely done."


"This is fabulous. I am speechless."

"This is beautiful! This is real art!"

"i like the way you painted a painting inside of a painting, its sweet and caught my eye."

"Exceptional work! So much realistic yet still hazy enough to alter perception of real life. Your work with sheets, folds, and material in general moves me. So alive and dancing. The contrast to the downcast human expressions and figure folds. The second on here hit me in impeccable timing. Odd how the universe does this. Thank you so much for sharing."

"At first I thought the woman in the second painting was pregnant, which is sad considering her expression. on second look i realized she wasn't, which is somehow sadder."

"Wow you have captured me!!! Both of these women are expressions of my daily life. I dont feel so alone. Alice Neel and Philip Perlstein were influences for me... reminds me of them."

"I like these paintings so much. Just telling a story of human life. The wonderment from what people make up and putting yourself in place of the picture. Amazing. Love it!"

"WOW...I am truly moved by your paintings and your photos are incredible also. Thanks for sharing!!!"

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