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Kelly Rene Jelinek  Kiel, WI

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About Kelly Rene

Kelly Rene Jelinek is an artist based in Kiel, WI.

Kelly explains her work by saying, “As a someone who grew up in rural Wisconsin, I became thoroughly accustomed to seeing taxidermy deer and game mounts – I thought of them as standard items of household decor. Even when I was a small child they never scared or disgusted me – if anything, they fascinated me. That fascination stayed with me into adulthood, and has inspired the artwork that I make today. When I was a teenager, I fell in love with old upholstery and would often come home from flea markets and thrift stores with old chairs for me to experiment on. Later on, when I was in college, the two interests happened to mesh and that’s how the first of my upholstered animals were born.”

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'Lions Tigers And Bears'




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"Fierce and beautiful and made from fabric!"

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