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John Copeland  New York, NY

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About John

John Copeland received his BFA from California College of Arts and Craft in 1998. In Copeland’s hands, mortality, physicality, and a past that seems to be shadowing us take form in a manner that is fluid, fleeting, and at the same time, meaty, undeniably present. His liquid style and muted palette create a contradictory sense of reality and irreality within each canvas. In his dark, expressionistic “Your eyes are so peaceful, but your hands want more” tells a tale of violence or perhaps intimacy, in which a figure kneels over a prone person. Copeland heightens the narrative ambiguity with his technique: Faces are undefined; the sky is operatically smeared in blue, black, and white.”

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4 reactions displayed

"Love his work, his sketchbooks are amazing, design works of art"

"Let us be honest, these are not very good paintings. Either in subject, content, or execution. The compositions, if you dare to suggest that composition was of any consideration what-so-ever, is completely lacking."

"I really like the way you used scratchy brush strokes. A bit like Van Gogh!:) Bravo!"

"I love the woman in the red,white,& blue swim suit, she looks like a real person fat and all, also the lawn chairs look so real. A really good job. Judy"

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