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Tim McCormick  Oceanside, CA

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About Tim

After ten years honing his abilities as an illustrator, self-taught artist Tim McCormick, a Southern California native, began exhibiting in 2001. Since 2001 Tim has shown extensively in galleries on the west coast and around the country, owned 2 galleries in San Diego, and has become a standout in the Los Angeles/SoCAl art scene. Originality, skill, and wit coupled with one of the most prolific outputs of any artist anywhere Tim McCormick’s reputation is moving swiftly throughout the contemporary art world. “My work is in a constant state of evolution and experimentation,” Tim explains. ‘In spirit I’ve combined a type of figurative expressionism and surrealism in which every piece is improvised from a very loose plan or no plan at all.” The true meaning of his pieces remain totally personal, a kind of riddle to be pondered by each viewer. Tim’s work is about all aspects of life, from the most profound to the most trivial, everything is relative, everything is important. Tim brings to his work a unique perspective on issues of fame, pop culture, and self. Perceptions of suburban banality set against the surreal backdrop of Hollywood, as well as the influence of San Diego’s early surf and skateboard subculture, manifest themselves in the artist’s work. For the future, Tim plans to paint everyday and further explore and improve his craft and visual language, while continuing to reach out to a larger audience.

source: Voice 1156 Gallery

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"Nice work - I particularly like Tim's palette. The composition, style, and colours all work really well together."

"Oh all the art I have studied, I have never seen something quite like this. I can really feel the movement in each piece shown above. The colors and soft and add to the almost dreamlike quality. I really like your style!"

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