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Kotama Bouabane  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Kotama

Kotama Bouabane was born in Saravahn, Laos. He graduated with honors from the Ontario College of Art & Design. Kotama’s photo-based works have been shown in several galleries and he has received many awards and grants. In addition, his work has been published in Prefix Photo Magazine and Carte Blanche.

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"these are inspiring and interesting. i love the way the messages are written."

"I want an Alphabet Ice Cube Tray!!!"

"I love art that uses words to extend the expression of their peices. Absoulety adore these works."

"It leaves me cold... no pun intended."

"I put a copy of the lemon and ice on the wall of my studio--it couldn't have come before my eyes at a better time. And there is where it will stay --until I can purchase a print --to remind me the next time that I find myself hurt and painfully frustrated."

"it is obvious Mr Bouabane has experienced hurt with his "Melting Words" series. i know i brought back memories of my own seeing the melting words i once heard."

"he's not saying anything new or profound."

"I instantly agreed with the first image, but I was kind of put off by the second. Then I realized I agree with your comment, Laura. I relate to it as an exploration of fear, rather than a too-late admission of dishonesty.Though provoking. That's rare in my book."

"Simple but cool."

"The empty bed with it's message made me well up with emotion. It is our deepest fear when faced with a lost relationship."

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