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Ian Dingman  Chicago, IL

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About Ian

Ian is an artist living in Chicago and is represented by Lindgen & Smith for commercial illustration. His clients include The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, Real Simple and Chicago Magazine. Ian’s work has been exhibited work in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New York City.

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'House And Home'



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"Loved your book cover illustration for David Chang’s “Eat a Peach” book. The waves are beautiful. It really caught my eye when I was in the book store. It’s so yet elegant in its simplicity."

"your art feels very familiar and desirable. love the red dress"

"shows the simple life"

"Those are so cool! I luv them! the top one is so mysterious, I like mysterious."

"I love the picture of this house,its so pretty and cool looking.My husband is a wonderful artist and he can draw some really great pictures somewhat similar too this one."

"Illustration is probably my favorite kind of art and the night house scene is a perfect example why. So simple and yet so interesting. I can imagine a thousand different stories belonging to that two-story home in middle of nothing."

"It may be just me but even though the girl is in the red dress my focus was drawn to the man maybe do to the semi action pose but nice none the less."

"I think your art work is pretty good way better then mine hahaha but keep that good shit up man and take it to the next level man pce im outy!!!!"

"the bottom piece is so perfect- the composition, the color, the balance- well done."

"Interesting use of light and color - I particularly like his nighttime landscapes!"

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