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Paul Bond  San Clemente, CA

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About Paul

Award-winning artist Paul David Bond de Pesqueira was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently lives in Southern California.

Bond’s award-winning oil paintings have been exhibited, sold and collected throughout the country. His deeply symbolic paintings draw from the Latin American genre of Magic Realism. They illuminate a dreamlike world where anything and everything is possible. Bond’s gift is the ability to juxtapose and rearrange common elements, to translate spiritual or metaphysical ideas. Sometimes they are simply uplifting illusions expressing the whimsical, surreal and fantastic side of life. Always, they are soothing visual meditations that delight the imagination and stir the soul.

His paintings are glimpses into the depths of the human soul ‘ those places where magic, mystery, and simultaneously, profound knowing, reside.

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"These are so beauitful it almost breaks my heart"

"Wow! I really love the first painting! It impressed me! The imaginary is paited in such a realistic way that made me think that kind of place could really exist. It transmits calmm but... we don't know... at any time the rocks can fall..."

"someone down there said these looked uninviting, well, i want to walk right into these."

"These paintings are beautiful.Surrealistic"

"I don't know if "cold" is the correct word. More like, "Man, I just wanna escape.""

"I like the style you are going for, here. Its a a little..cold, though. Not in a bad way, just very..uninviting.It is very Dali, though. I do like it."

"They take by force and make you think about them. I like that. Very nice."

"i love these panitings!! they are so beautiful and are so inspirational, especially the first one with the rocks and the tree!"

"These paintings are both beautiful and easy to look at, making them an easy something to slip into and lose yourself."

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