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Mijn Schatje  Paris, France

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About Mijn

As a small child, while other little girls were playing dolls, Marie Blanco Hendrickx AKA Mijn Schatje was making wishes and prayers on tombstones in the woods at her grandparents at le chateau des Ifs in the Paris area. She lived a tale of her own in that castle, and received memories made out of fireworks, treasure huntings, flower tiaras and ducks in the pond. Born to a Spanish father and a Dutch mother, Mijn traveled extensively as a child, all around Europe, then to Africa and Canada. Little Marie’s imagination took profit of that friendly and experiences-rich atmosphere to grow exponentially, she was obsessed with fairytales, mermaids, ghosts, carnivals and poetry. In her early years, not knowing much about spelling, she was also convinced Jimi Hendrix was her uncle.

Now at age 25, Mijn resides in Paris. Paying hommage to her imaginary uncle rockstar she got to be an active participant in the music scene, where she created many LP and CD covers for renowned « French Touch » labels like Record Makers (founded by the duo Air) and Ekler’O’Shock. She won international acclaim with her work for TimeRelease (US) and the Taiwanese label Avant Garden. The whole of the ’08 collection of the hip Italian fashion houseFornarina is subject to the unique Mijn Schatje style, bringing her enchanted characters to the Milan and Paris fashion weeks and to high street fashion stores of Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas and Milan.

Her silenced, fantastic universe is a bizarre and beautiful landscape from which big eyed elf-like little creatures stare at you with their mesmerizing eyes. Both romantic and surreal, her work is the kind of thing dreams are made of, the worlds she creates you can easily get lost in. It is a beguiling combination of innocence and sophistication, a subtle mix of darkness and seduction, which is largely appreciated and propagated by the world’s cutting edge press and publishers since 2004.

Also, check out this video from Mijn’s recent show in March.

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