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Yuko Adachi  Boston, MA

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About Yuko

In my work, I want to externalize my appreciation of being alive, celebration of freedom in human creativity, and my interest in expressing the spiritual journey during the process of creating art. I do not make any preliminary sketches for my works. I dive into the unknown path and simply follow where my energy and curiosity take me in the present. Through the act of creating art, I want to become one with the universe and tap into the unlimited well of imagination and express it.

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"Oh Yuko! Looking at your artwork brings you back here near us. It is so full of vibrant life and positive energy... Just like YOU! Number 5 does not seem enough and I wish I could have been able to give you a much higher grade!"

"We love your color combinations! We are enjoying your fantastic drawings.Hope to talk with you soon. Cheer up!! Tomo and Ken"

"Yuko, Your work takes me on a wonderful journey into a beautiful forest, or a spectacular ocean, filled with all the pleasures & gifts of life !!! Stay true to your vision & close to your heart. It makes mine sing !"

"Yuko, ? ?????????! ?? ???????? ???????!!!"

"Amazing gift u have there - ur work is amazing !"


"woooooo!!! 1960's flashback acid dreams haha. I love it."

"It's almost Willy Wonker meets Asian culture. Koodos!!"

"They MAKE you want to walk through them and stay a long, long while. Tells how she loves beauty and is so happy. It shows. Reading her "WORDS" stirred me. Yuro, you do explain your "life" ideas in a way that inspires a true look at ones "rest-of-life". Thankyou very much. Also appreciate your "cause" against our contaminated food sources."

"Very good work. I love the way she works with bright colors. She makes your eyes as bright as the pictures. Through out-of-body channeling I can walk along the the colors and paths with-in the paintings. I only can ask the Great Spirit to allow me the pleasure to meet this gifted woman."

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