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Judith Mullen  Chicago, IL

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Recent sculptures evolved out of my painting process. In each of my sculptures a fallen tree branch is married to a rock-like base and adorned with mixed media bringing forth a transformation from fragmentation to wholeness.

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"Thanks for all the comments!Happy 4th to everyone:)"

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"This is my life ;/"

"I really enjoyed looking at this art. I am always a fan of abstract work, because it has a reflected freedom and unpretentious-ness that other art simply can not offer. I looked at the artist's web-site and found the work to be pretty consistent. But having looked at quite a lot of abstract work, I find it easier to find the individuality in each piece and each artist. I think her work is full of whimsy, and I enjoy a good laugh! I think her work is lighthearted and not weighted down with seriousness; a breath of fresh air, really. Although the sculpture is my favorite of the work, because I think it is better conceived (as the artist mentions), I like the paintings. To me they don't really seem like paintings, they are more like sketches or drawings. It makes them twice as wonderful, when you look at them in this light."

"Hmm, I would like to see this painting in person. I imagine that this print does not do it justice. There is no place that calls my eye to land on it. There also seems to be no depth, which reminds me of wall paper. For these reasons, I prefer the sculpture. Arrow, I don't understand what you were saying about the painting being a vehicle for the sculpture and therefore existing in it's own right. Shouldn't it exist in it's own right without being a vehicle for the sculpture? I think the real question is if whether or not the sculpture exists in it's own right, having evolved from the painting. I think it does."

"not my cup of tea"

"On first impression I think the progression from painting to sculpture works. The painting seems almost a vehicle for the sculpture (and therefore exists in its own right) but if you think of it the other way i.e sculpture to painting - I'm not sure??"

"a little like miro. abstract has never really been my cup of tea, but i much prefer the overall impression made by the 2d pieces to the impression made by the 3d ones. Either way, live and create and live to create."

"I love the shadows created by the sculpture-my favorite partIt is always brave to create ANYTHING that will be shown in a public forum"

"agree with Susan and Chuck D"

"Yes, its different, but its extremely unoriginal. I feel like I've seen it a thousand times before. No focal point, no composition or organization. Not thought out; its like you went on a frenzy of creativity - but not in an interesting way."

"i likes its lots and trees is good"

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