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Pam Longobardi  Atlanta, GA

'Division line'
Archival pigment print
'The Crime of Willful Neglect (for BP)'
429 pieces of vagrant oceanic plastic from Greece, Hawaii, Costa Rica and the Gulf of Mexico

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About Pam

I have worked for the past 15 years on two-dimensional paintings and works on paper, and on installations that explore the themes of the psychological relationship of humans to nature and the physical world. This two-pronged aspect to my artistic production has enabled me to have a multitude of exhibition opportunities, ranging from galleries and museums to alternative spaces and experimental art venues in the US and abroad. I have explored the ideas from two perspectives: the philosophical (utilizing intellect in the development of self-awareness) and the phenomenological (elevating the experiential nature of existence in furthering understanding of the work of art, and by extension, the self). I often involve elements of natural phenomenon as processes in the physical construction of my work, processes such as chemical patination, light-sensitive photo imaging, magnetism, mirror reflection, after-image, and phosphorescence. My work tends to be experiential: It is never fully described through photographic documentation, such that even the paintings, done on copper and encrusted with chemical crystallization, change dramatically depending on the lighting or the angle one views them from. In fact, they are most fully experienced by looking at them from a distance and then very close up, possibly even aided by a magnifying glass. This level of exploration is invited by the physicality of the surfaces and the fact that a real chemical event has taken place on the surface.

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"i am hoping this is an installation piece and not a horrific landscape of immigration"

"i think that this is beautiful."

"Pam, you are an inspiration."

"Elephants are stomping each other to death....there is a breakdown in the matriarchal herd because of poaching and land encroachment so the juvenile males no longer get enough maternal care, and there are now 'juvenile delinquent' young males that are running amok. This piece is actually about elephant's emotional lives, their extremely long memories, their emotions (they cry real tears and mourn their family members' deaths) and their fragile position in the world today."

"Wow the Elephant one is really depressing"

"The elephants seem to be sad and abandoned, they seem to be stomping each other to death."


"Cool elephants and inspiring art :) :P :D ;D"

"Intriguing and interesting work."


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