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Steve Frenkel  Atlanta, GA

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About Steve

My art is about an imaginary world. I am inspired by memories, daydreams and my curiousty about things that around us. These creations combine the real with the imaginary, now with then and what we actually see with what the mind sees. Perhaps a miniature society lays claim to the same real estate as our own. Day, night or the seasons perhaps appear simultaneously. The large and the small swap places. It’s meant to be both idiosyncratic and ambiguous.

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"Hey, I want to thank all those who commented on my work the other day. As to dmgo's comment about vast skies and small subject matter. Those paintings come from a time, six years back, when I lost my identical twin to cancer. My work changed rather radically and the colors got muted and everything went south on my canvases. I've been trying to overcome this for a few years now, but it can't be forced. Nevertheless, dmgo's comment is valid and I thank (him/her) for taking the time to comment. Tim and Alan, both of you seem to have crawled into my mind. I've been painting since I was 49 and am now 67. I began in order to make the art that I would have made as a child, if I could have. Again, thanks to all."

"Wow. Love the aviation themes. I'll be bookmarking the site."


"r these suposed 2 b futuristic? lzolz awesum ne wayz! :) :) :)"

"To me, these two pieces are an embodiment of my dreams as a young boy. I grew up in a military family in a strong military community at ground zero. Many of my young-mind's dreams were centered around my playthings, which were often miniatures of various war machines. It may seem counter-intuitive, but at that age I found peace in the war machine -- it is what I knew. The above two works seem to really capture that feeling and those memories."

"I really enjoy this work it makes me want to live there its Beautiful "High Score" 9999999"

"i absolutely love the second one. GREAT WORK!"

"Interesting art."

"Paintings of a picture of model water towers, a P-52 going to crash, and a dirigible; the bottom pic upside down toys. The artist syas his work is ambiguous, he has hit the nail on the head. Ambiguous as to content, artistic expression, and meaning."

"After checking out the artist's web site, I decided I like his earlier work from the '90s much better. The colors and compositions were much more interesting and appealing to the eye. The current work doesn't draw me in. Aesthetically, the vast expanses of bland sky and landscapes dwarfing the subject matter just doesn't appeal to me."

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