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Daniel Ochoa  San Francisco, CA

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About Daniel

The experiences I had growing up in a bicultural family fuel the imagery, and emotional quality of my work. My father is an immigrant from Mexico, and my mother a white American. On a daily basis, I navigate cultural margins depending on the context of the situation. My work explores the complexities of identity with the understanding that perception is relative. Ambiguity, movement and obscurity play a role in the relationship between the figure and environment. Body language is an important signifier of the emotional temperament of the figure. Each work requires multiple layers of paint and a variety of techniques including masking, sanding, and dripping. I use both English and Spanish words interchangeably to title works which conveys the duality of my identity.

Recommended by our guest curators

Patrick Earl Hammie

Chicago, IL artist

"Ochoa’s paintings fluctuate between modes of representation—including text and gestural marks—to present portraits as fragments of legibility, pressed upon by their encasing voids. The rich tapestry of marks keeps his subjects in flux, encouraging us to consider how we construct meaning toward identity.”"

Gavin Worth

San Francisco, CA artist

"The faces in Daniel's paintings are an amazing mix of technical virtuosity and absolute wildness. Often starkly and mysteriously lit, reminiscent of Rembrandt, Daniel isn't painting portraits, he's painting the interiority he sees there."

Scott Naismith

Glasgow, Scotland artist

"Like David Mach, I love Daniel's readiness to deconstruct his well handled, painterly craft. Fragmenting his images through his unique layering and masking process. I also love the subtlety with which he handles his tertiary hues."

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10 of 20 reactions displayed

"dominating rythum for the viewer."

"Typically not my style or technique. Interestingly draws you in though. Alot Daniel is not telling us...and yet, so much. Do tell us more....."

"I like it."

"I felt a big WOW looking and then realizing how early you are in your career is amazing. Why the blank and colorless ground?"

"Reminds me of the boogieman. Creepy!"

"I love your art ,I also feel identified with the titles since Im also bilingual."

"i really love this. the way the eyes look like there pleading for help brings alot of emotion and feeling to the painting. i love everything about it. its th kind of painting you want to buy in a heart beat"

"Good Work Shows Who you Realy Are Keep on paintin ."

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Like Michou says, these works of art make you think. I see at first the human figure, then as I look deeper I see the tribute to nature as well. Stunning work."

"The depth of the look is real strong,make you think.I love it"

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