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Peter Mars  Chicago, IL

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About Peter

Peter Mars has been the leader of Chicago’s Pop Movement for the past 20 years. Combining avant-garde innovation with a deep Pop Art sensibility, Mars fuses and confuses the traditional distinctions between high culture and low art. The artist’s sensibilities fall somewhere between Dada and Pop, “In that area where nonsense and popular culture so frequently meet.”

Using the joy and nostalgia that can be found in everyday objects, Mars explores American pop culture, the passage of time, and the icons that each period adopts as its own.

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"There's other work he has done that has not been exhibited or auctioned. I'm drawn to the handmade quality of Peter's work and the silk screen process on unique papers is appealing to me. Abstract art looks easy until you try to do it yourself and his work is no exception. There's also something to be said for artists who collab with other artists and who are in front of the style and understand it's deeper meaning and purpose. I also like that this is a more masculine art devoid of the fluffy flowers but presents with more inherent strengths."

"your lob gob is wired"

"I am no critic. I see cool blue when I see passion. Hearing people argue tells me a statement has been made. Glad to see people making statements ... on both sides."

"It's not denying the artistic qualities of the original pieces, it's simply redefining the original piece to convey what the second hand artist sees. It's certainly less original than the initial piece, but it does show a certain degree of creativity. I'd classify this more in the category of scrap booking than fine art, but it still has a nice look to it."

"doesnt seem supremely arrogant and morally abhorrent. more a product of lazyness that comes across as garish at best. i dont follow that found art necessarily "denies the fact that those objects are already artwork, created by other artists" unless i missed some found art manifesto thats been universally adopted. marginally creative fluff but nothing worth hating here."

"Well, he found a way to make a living. Good for him."

"@ Emily - right on, sister!! I could not POSSIBLY agree with you more. Pretentiousness is NOT creativity OR talent and shouldn't be treated as such."

"Emily, you rule! That's what I'm saying. People get in trouble for stealing samples and beats from other people's music and slapping it in their own. Why should visual art be any different?"

"To Emily - I agree that this artist is pretty much coasting on an already aesthetically pleasing Fantastic Four panel, but your characterization of found art is a little off. It's not about "finding the beauty in everyday objects," it's about changing the context. Duchamp didn't pick a urinal to display as art for its "beauty"."

"I have seen this all before."

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