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Joe McKay  Los Angeles, CA

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About Joe

Los Angeles self taught artist Joe McKay creates clever and thought provoking collages with a bare bones aesthetic. Sometimes quietly serious, many times funny.

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"joe's great. art is not meant to be get guys. it can be anything you want it to be. in fact is a good think that you dont get it. that makes it even more unique"

"Joe's works is thought provoking, timeless, and beautiful. His elements consist of images that I can relate to; past, present, and future."

"Keep up the good work joe!"

"it looks like alot of good thinks"

"Joe McKay has a style that slices through the typically muddied up convention of contemporary art and produces an effect immediately. His work makes me feel better for seeing it and being around it.JW"

"I LOVE Joe McKay's work!!"

"Mr. McKay, I hope you are a young artist and will have time to learn to deal with criticism. Just because someone doesn't like, or get, your art doesn't make them a hater. Yes, some people can be rude, and it can be quite annoying, but they are entitled to their opinion, it's what this site is all about. Friends will love your work because they love you and have more insight into your world and creative process, however this is a forum for objective opinions as well. Good luck to you at your exhibit, obviously you already have a devoted following and it should be a huge success."

"Joe and his art are rad!"

"very creative. i like it :)"

"Teeheehee!! Mr.Mckay, you crack me up! I think you're work's great and I wish I could see the show!"

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