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Timur Tsaku  Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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About Timur

Tsaku’s paintings begin with abstracted backgrounds in acrylic. ‘When the surfaces of the panels are almost completed” Tsaku says, ‘these moody, abstracted landscapes reveal the figures that will encompass the majority of the image.” The artist uses a “triple zero” paint brush and magnifying glass to achieve a hyper-realistic, almost photographic representation of the people and animals depicted in his unique imagery.

Tsaku’s works are truly unique and immediately identifiable. In his words, the depicted scenes are a synthesis of whimsy and wonder, surrealism and hyperrealism. A world, where spirits take the form of dogs and women, become amorphous elongated figures. A world, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the real becomes surreal.

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"I just dont know what but this artwork is terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Being a Virgo that I am, I notice the intricacy in your work. I love the flower headddress. You see the beauty in objects like me! Perfect makeup application! Draped in ethniticity. I do like your work. I wondered when your birthday is and I also wondered what character in the Chinese Calendar you are. By the way the loveing expression on your dogs faces and the dogs images are done with awesome likeness. Good job!"

"These are fantastic. Absolutely stellar work!"

"Too simple. Perfect symetry (model) surrounded by unsymetrical garmets and things."

"is the same girl in both paintings because they have the same eyes.. they are good.."

"Your art stops people in their tracks, very elegant and arresting!"

"the ones with the dog on the web site are fantastic!!!it is hard to believe these are paintings."

"I like the contrast between the simple background and the intricate lace designs on the clothing. Tashkent should be very proud of this artist!"

"I love your painting there very unique and beautiful. You are very talented !!!"

"I like its very much"

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