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Caroline Shepard  Brooklyn, NY

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About Caroline

My work centers around digitally constructing images that reference historical painting and examine the contemporary lives of my community.

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"these are fantastic. the palette, the lighting, the composition. i'm off to check out your website..."


"Fascinating! love the textures, use of light and shadow,pic.arrangement"

"I almost never see people in art that look like someone I would see, or know. Looking at these women makes me feel like I am looking at my friends, or someone I would want to be friends with. Seeing references to classical painintings makes me think about history, and how who we are has changed, and remained the same. I love these."

"I may not be a professional, but I love this. It's a fresh new perspective on photography. The photoes come off as relivent and moving, I really enjoy this work."

"love your work !"

"those are some beutiful artwork. they show a type of depressed and moody feeling"

"what is the point of these?"

"Michael, clearly the artist is using lighting for effect and it is powerful, creating mood. This is especially true for the top picture. Nice work Caroline Shepard. John"

"I think that's the point Michael."

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