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Caroline Saul  Brighton, UK

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About Caroline

I am a designer-maker based in Brighton working with recycled plastics. My work is a process-led exploration of colour, texture, material, patterning, shape and form.

My passion lies with the creation of new materials from objects that might otherwise be thrown away. The development of my recycled plastics leads to the creation of sculptural bulbous vessels.

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"Vary cool."

"very detailed and it looks like things stained a detailed piece of paper and then she sculpted them and then painted! amazing."

"Beautiful work!"

"very good. beautiful. a whole new level of art. tis one rreally spoke to me."

"You have taken recycling to a hole new level if i hadn't red the caption i would have never known it was plastic"

"wow.... it looks so fragile... but very beautiful. looks like a lot of concentration was put in this."

"this may very well be the strangest comment of all , concerning your artwork. See if this makes sense. I try to keep things in proper perspective. For instance, Polka sucks. Or at least I think so. But it doesn't mean theres not good polka. I'm not interested in the artwork...and it IS art and looks good. Almost like coral. I find my self not interested in it and I may not think of it again after this day. But, BUT, IT DOES LOOK GOOD. Someone put alot of time and thought in this and it does un-waste wasted plastic. I like to hear myself write too, sometimes. Keep up the great work though. You might think about dying it or even using flouresent paint on them. Then it would be weird but beautiful."

"beautiful work, inspiring"

"Don't listen to Cody, Caroline. He's just jealous of your talent. You have a wonderful sense of style and your colorful little creations are precious. Keep up the good work, and keep using all those icky stinky bottles that people like Cody just throw away!"

"Your creation takes something that would probably last through a major apocalypse and turns it into a lacy, delicate, beautiful work of art. Well done!"

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