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Sveta Shubina  Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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About Sveta

Russian Illustrator and paper artist Sveta Shubina’s latest work is made completely of folded paper. In addition to her paper work she also has an extensive illustration and character design portfolio.

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"These would leave me breathless... if they were made with colored paper. Both pieces are amazing, though, and definatly somethnig that I wouldn't be able to go in a million years."

"So technical yet so beautiful! Thank you!"

"the relief in the image is truly captivating"

"Sveta, your work is so beautiful and delightful. It really makes me smile."

"I really like these. I wish I could see them in person."


"Interesting technique. Takes a bit to take it all in. So well done!"

"Leave it to a Russian to fold paper! ;) These remind me of when I was a little girl, I used to make paper dolls out of the funnies. I think I still have some of them somewhere, I should look. Anyhow, these sure are a lot better than my paper dolls ever were. I LOVE it!"

"So beautiful. I cannot stop looking at them."

"I love the depth based solely on the shadows from the paper folds. Beautiful."

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