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Jiha Moon  Atlanta, GA

'Kudzu Floating'
Ink and Acrylic, Hanji on Mylar
'Visitor's green'
Ink and Acrylic on Mylar

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About Jiha

Having lived and worked for much of her life in Korea – where she was born – Jiha’s work depicts the collision of traditional Asian artistic themes and globalized western iconography. Referencing the forms and techiniques of Eastern brush and ink drawing in her ethereal landscapes, Jiha includes corporate logos and cuddly cartoon animals from a variety of recognizable sources. The juxtaposition of these elements creates a symphony of cliches that is otherworldly and sometimes ominous. Her saturated pallette only heightens the tension between these elements and allows them to escape their individual signficance.

Quick facts about Jiha

Work can be found in the collections of The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta's High Museum, the Smithsonian Institute, Bank of America and UBS.
Has had solo exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Charlotte NC's The Mint Museum and the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, SC.

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""it does look realy nice'it is beatafuii""

"look like great paintings...before a three year old splattered paint on them.."

"Beautiful works of art, the world is lucky to have artists like you"

"I love her work, I gave it the highest rating. I've been following it for a few years. Not only does she show an extraordinary level of skill, which these days is not so rare, but she knows how to apply it in an original way, which is very rare. Her line work, especially is exquisite, as is her sense of color and composition. What really moves me though, is the feeling which she puts into every work. Im not really attracted to her stated ideas of combining traditional korean painting with western pop cartoon images- too often, they end up looking a bit silly in her weakest images. What always looks strong, is her feeling for forces of nature, as well as an underlying eroticism, which pervades her work. I look forward to seeing her work develop."

"You can see the Korean background in these, they're very interesting."

"I love the vibrance and sense of movement"

"i love it! its as if you painted water."

"Strong, yet elegant. I really like all the hidden objects and faces. Very nice."

"Very beautiful and interesting. I gave a 4 star rating."

"Your work is full of grace and beauty. Colorful and fluid. I love them."

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