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Joe Quint  New York, NY

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Joe

A lifelong New Yorker, I’m drawn to the surreal and solemn moments that make living here both visually interesting and emotionally powerful.

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"theyre paintings?!?!?! no! theyve gotta b pics"

"Having lived in New York in the 80s I either walked or took the train. Your beautifully nuanced photos brought back the beauty and sadness.....and the inevitable skeleton bike. Keep up the great work!"

"i'm in awe :)"

"Very interesting stories picures can display,I find that the images are very emotionial and real. It truly captures how any small meaningless event can mean a lot to who it effects person, also that the cities areso easy to emotionaily catch yourself in."

"this is very powerful tells the true secrets of life."

"I like the spontanaeity of the people in his photos, especially the children. Quint also has a good eye for the graphic designs seen in the most mundane objects found in the inner city. See his website. Great work."

"I like the artist's "Skeleton Bike" series found on his website. I think it captures a kind of brutality found in the city."

"Great work love the photos! Moments in time of a city that is constantly changing."

"This work is great,What art is all about."

"Outstanding photographs. They do really tell a story."

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