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Benjamin Anderson  Santa Barbara, CA

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About Benjamin

In a series of 14 paintings that blend themes of beauty, war and materialism, Anderson uses water as his visual vehicle. Diluting and distorting the lines of perception and beauty, the artist utilizes both realism and abstraction in his vision to relegate the importance of the material world to simple forms and shapes. Finding beauty in the ugly and ugly in the beautiful, the concept of Just Add Water takes on a new meaning in these paintings.

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"Benjamin,I am wondering if I could see some of your paintings of people swimming in the water. This would make a great show at the maritime Museum where I am the curator and rotate local artists work in our art gallery quarterly."

"MY REVIEWpic b; resurection of an unknown human force from the waters."

"MY REVIEWa well bounded build up of many integral power/abilities against all angles,raising up out from the waters,in the companion of two other mights."

"love the pool"

"This was what I tried to learn in my art class. The water and light reflections are so complicated beside perspective of course. Give me a headache when I try to paint glasses or windows not to mention water. You inspired me and I have to put both of my hands up for you because you are the best at painting relections."

"love these would look great on the wall of my place"

"This is very nice. I love the movement of the water. They really did a good job on that part."

"oh wow i like his art, thanks artis a day."

"wow these are surely amazing. great job with painting these. im am absolutely amused by them. hahaha xD"

"Interesting paintings. Nice movement."

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